Attract and Retain with benefits

Stand out as the employer of choice for part-time employees

Did you know that over 50% of large employers offer benefits to their part-time workers? Part-time employees can grow to full-time many times. But keeping them through those first 3-12 months can be a challenge. And many prefer part-time work entirely.

This may seem like a concern for smaller employers, until now. For as little as $15 a month, give employees no-fee virtual medical visits, big discounts on dental work and even an Employee Assistance Plan. Minimum of 10 employees required. Discounts available for larger groups. Bilingual staff available 6 days a week. Employer paid only. Add and drop with a 30-day notice.

By the way, many employers offer these same packages to all employees even after other benefits (health insurance, retirement accounts, life and disability) begin.

More robust packages available for as little as $23 per employee per month.

All plans cover your employee and their family under age 26.