Getting ALL your benefits

Happy Hunting

Are you paying for benefits already covered by your plan?

Take vision, for example. A basic, single-only plan may cost $14 or more per month and come with a free exam and discounts on frames, lenses and contacts. That's $168 a year.

In one ACA plan - hidded behind the "Wellness Savings" tab - is a free vision benefit from Eyemed. It includes $49 eye exams and discounts on frames, contacts, lenses and fittings. A friend recently got her $49 exam and her prescription then purchased 2 pairs of glasses (frames and lenses) for $89 at another store. Add on the eye exam and she paid less than the annual vision plan insurance alone.

Unfortunately, those Wellness savings are unknown until after you have enrolled in your plan. If you have an ACA plan, be sure to review all your benefits between now and the end of the year. There may be a few special benefits hidden away!

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