The Fixers

Doug Hirsch learned of the inefficiencies of prescription drug pricing and co-founded Good Rx in 2011. Good Rx’s model has transformed drug pricing forever by reducing the cost of prescriptions for consumers by up to 90%. No health insurance required.

Teledoc co-founder Michael Gorton is another revolutionary. By reducing unnecessary medical overhead expenses (like buildings, network affiliations and staff) his team dramatically lowered visit costs. Today, roughly 80% of illnesses seen in a doctor’s office, urgent care center and emergency room can be properly diagnosed and treated via telemedicine. Visits are available 24/7 with wait times less than 15 minutes. Individuals can get unlimited telemedicine visits for only $15-$25 a month* without health insurance.

Gorton has now launched the next evolution of telemedicine: Virtual Primary Care. Recuro Health combines consistency of provider with convenience. Members pay a monthly fee (about $35*) and see the same provider for each visit. In addition, they get 24/7 urgent care and behavioral health visits at no extra cost. Like the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model, there is no limit to the number of visits (primary, urgent care or behavioral health) and no health insurance is required.

Fixers like Hirsh and Gorton discovered that our bloated healthcare system is not focused on improving patient outcomes. It rewards the middlemen while ignoring patients and their providers.

We shouldn’t be asking how these firms are able to deliver drugs and care at such low prices. We need to ask why insurance companies, Pharmacy Benefit Managers and healthcare networks can continue charging the prices they do.

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