The Networks versus Blend Benefits

Why do so many families with existing insurance coverage buy a discount plan?

Imagine needing a doctor but unable to locate one within your insurance plan network. That is exactly what is going on due to narrow provider networks and inaccurate listings. One woman reported contacting a dozen doctors before finding one she could see on a timely basis.

With a narrow network of providers, clients are forced to wait weeks, even months, for care due to the number of other clients doing the exact same thing. While a narrow network keeps the cost of premiums down, so does more affluent clients opting to use an out-of-network provider and others giving up with no care at all.

With the Blend Benefits Teledoc benefit, you save time, money, and your sanity. A licensed medical doctor calls you back within minutes after you have made your request. You never have to worry about out-of-network issues or even what the final cost of care will be.

While not appropriate for every medical condition, it gives you options that many insurance plans simply can't.

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