• Complete Care with Recuro

    Primary care with behavioral health and urgent care - all in one place

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    Virtual Direct Primary Care


    It's no longer enough just have health insurance coverage. You need the ability to get affordable healthcare when you need it, no matter where you are*.


    Recuro Complete Care includes:  

    - Visits are $0
    - Urgent care available 24/7
    - 7-day a week primary and behavioral health visits
    - Access a provider from your phone app, computer, or landline


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    We are on an ACA insurance plan and recently moved. This meant finding another group of healthcare providers. Luckily, we were able to continue our primary care with the same Recuro health providers we were using before.


    This is not insurance. See disclosure below.

    *Urgent care is available in all 50 states.


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    Blend Benefits packages include additional benefits like dental discounts, health advocacy and more.


    Your team and their families are included. Membership fee for entire month is less than one typical doctor's office visit copay.


    Great for traveling professionals, new hires not yet covered by your group insurance, busy parents and retirees who may live in different locations throughout the year.



    This is not insurance.

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