• Employer Group Workshops

    "Sixty percent of full-time employees are stressed about their finances. Even among employees earning $100,000 or more per year, nearly half (47%) are stressed about their finances. What’s more, financial stress impacts a wide range of employee health and well-being areas from mental health to sleep to self-esteem." (see full report)


    Our group education workshops help your employees increase their confidence on all things financial - both at work and at home.


    For example, with health insurance deductibles now in the thousands, it's critical that every employee build an emergency fund. Also, using their health insurance plan to pay for prescriptions or routine imaging can be far more costly than free prescription cards (like GoodRx) or paying cash for an MRI. And, yes, they can still use their HSA dollars to do so.


    Other topics include how to recognize financial self-sabotage, build a better budget, break the debt habit and how to estimate your Social Security payments (before and after retirement or upon death of a spouse).


    Unbiased, informative and fun for employees and their employers! 


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