• Pricing for Non-employer groups and individuals - 2024


    Group workshops (non-employer) $300 per person (6 attendee limit, 3 sessions)


    Individuals/couples $1000 for 5 sessions


    All payments are due 5 business days before the first session. No refunds for cancellation or no-shows. Individual/couple sessions can be rescheduled with a 3-day notice if approved by Blend Benefits staff. Group workshops cannot be rescheduled if missed. Sessions are not recorded.


    Program includes all materials.


    Each session is 60 minutes and available in person (Charlotte, NC area only) or by live video call .


    Tentative Activities


    Introduction – Your background


    Discussion of current spending and saving habits


    Discussion of specific financial struggles


    Review of your financial situation


    Discussion of your goals


    Discussion of plan to achieve goals


    Assignment of specific tasks to achieve goals


    Review of completed tasks


    Monitoring of progress toward goals


    Financial coaching is not appropriate for everyone. Completion of the program does not ensure a successful change to personal
    habits or financial position. Please speak to us before enrolling.